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Charged with a crime in Frisco?

Are you facing the problem of a criminal charge? Any charge, whether misdemeanor, felony or federal crime can have a negative impact on your life and future; a Frisco criminal defense lawyer from D 'Amore Law Firm should evaluate your case immediately. Our founding Attorney, Thomas D'Amore, spent 19 years serving in the Dallas District Attorney's Office.

With a great depth of insight into the criminal justice system, and an impressive court record, over 400 trial wins, you can be confident that you are represented by a legal professional that has a reputation for success. A Frisco criminal defense attorney from the firm can defend the most complex and dangerous criminal charges, either in state or federal court.

Types of Crimes

The firm is focused solely on criminal defense, and has garnered a reputation for excellent defense work. If you are facing criminal charges you want a high quality, aggressive defense lawyer fighting for you from the outset. The firm can assist with appeals when justice was not served, an activity that many law firms avoid due to the intensive work necessary to file an appeal that has a chance of success. Our legal team can defend charges of all types, including assault, aggravated assault, domestic violence, as well as the most serious of criminal charges, murder or manslaughter. Our theft crime lawyer is highly skilled at defending against a variety of theft offenses, including burglary, robbery and misdemeanor theft offenses.

If you are accused of conspiracy or are facing criminal charges in white collar crimes such as forgery, embezzlement or fraud, contact the firm immediately. Our internet crime attorney has access to the most respected experts to offer supporting evidence for the defense of your case. Exercise your right to remain silent. If you are being investigated, you must get defense counsel to protect your rights in any questioning regarding the crime. We also defend a wide range of drug crimes, as well as DWI / DUI from misdemeanor through to intoxicated manslaughter, representing clients at ALR hearings through to the defense of the case in court, you will have the advantage of having an experienced trial lawyer fighting for you.

Our firm also defends a wide range of other criminal charges, including but not limited to criminal trespass, gun / weapons charges, juvenile crimes, and can represent those who are seeking expungements, are in trouble on probation violations, warrants, and can offer skilled assistance in pre-file investigations. Our federal crimes attorney can take action immediately if you are accused of any offense filed in federal court. If you have questions about state vs. federal crimes, felony defense or misdemeanor defense, we offer a free initial case consultation.

Professional Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you are facing charges related to sex crimes or other offenses, you need to take action immediately. An aggressive defense begins as early as possible in the case. Contact our firm at once if you have been arrested and charged or are now under investigation. We are here to fight for the rights and interests of the criminally accused.

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