Dallas Intoxication Assault Lawyer

DWI Causing Injury

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) are serious criminal offenses that pack numerous penalties and long-term repercussions. As part of the national effort to reduce the amount of intoxicated drivers on public roads and highways, Texas has increased their focus on enforcing DWI laws, arresting alleged offenders, and prosecuting them with the intent to convict. As such, facing any DWI allegation, whether it is a first offense or felony DWI, can threaten an individual's professional, personal, and financial well-being. When it comes to facing allegations for intoxication assault, however, the consequences can be life altering.

Texas Intoxication Assault Law

In the most basic terms, intoxication assault is a legal phrase most often used to describe a DWI that results in an injury to another person. As defined by the Texas Penal Code § 49.07, a person can be charged with intoxication assault if they cause "serious bodily injury" to another while operating an aircraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, or amusement ride while intoxicated. According to the statute, serious bodily injury refers to any physical injury that:

  • Creates a substantial risk of death;
  • Causes permanent disfigurement;
  • Causes loss of a body part or organ; or
  • Causes physical impairment

Additionally, the law further clarifies that these charges can arise regardless if it was caused by accident or mistake. As such, the primary focus is to challenge the DWI evidence in your case so as to push for a dismissal of your charges or as much of a reduction in penalties as possible. When working toward these objectives, our firm goes above and beyond in our efforts to investigate all details surrounding the events leading up to your arrest and when preparing your case for trial, if and when your case extends into the trial phase.

Put the Experience of a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney to Work for You

A third-degree felony, intoxication assault poses penalties that can include fines of up to $10,000, terms of imprisonment that range from a minimum of two years to a maximum of 10 years, or both. Should you have prior DWI convictions on your record or should any emergency medical service personnel have been injured during the accident, you may also face heightened charges and penalties. Whatever your particular charges may entail, retaining the experienced defense D'Amore Law Firm can provide should be your main priority.

Having worked as a former prosecutor at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office for 19 years, Attorney Thomas A. D'Amore is intimately familiar with the ways in which prosecutors handle DWI and intoxication assault cases. As a result, he knows how the prosecution works from the inside out, and is prepared to negate their case by preparing yours with meticulous attention to detail. A proven legal professional who has demonstrated his abilities to produce favorable results through both negotiation and trial, Attorney D'Amore is capable of protecting your rights and your future during these serious cases. Contact a Dallas criminal defense lawyer from D'Amore Law Firm to learn more about your defense.