Charged With Possession of Drug Paraphernalia In Dallas?

Dallas Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

Drug paraphernalia has been defined under Texas State law as any item involved in the packing, processing, or consumption of drugs under Health and Safety Code, Chapter 481.

It includes items such as:

  • Pipes
  • Bongs
  • Rolling papers
  • Cans

Even everyday items such as bowls, bags, envelopes, scales, spoons, bottles and other items can be classified as drug paraphernalia as long as a person intentionally used them to do any of the following with a controlled substance:

  • Plant
  • Grow
  • Manufacture
  • Compound
  • Produce
  • Process
  • Test
  • Analyze
  • Pack/repack
  • Contain
  • Store
  • Conceal

Penalties for Drug Paraphernalia Possession

Simply possessing drug paraphernalia will result in Class C misdemeanor charges, which has a penalty of up to $500 in fines. Distribution, intent to distribute, or selling drug paraphernalia is a Class A misdemeanor, which could result in up to one year in jail.

Multiple offenses can result in additional jail time and more serious charges. If a person is charged with selling drug paraphernalia to an individual under 18 years of age, it is a State Jail Felony. Additionally, any drug related if convicted results in the suspension of the individual’s driver’s license. It will be suspended for 180 days if they are over 21 years old, but may be suspended for up to one year if they are under 21.

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