Obtaining Expungement in Dallas

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When a person has a criminal record, he/she may find it most difficult to find job, housing and educational opportunities. In some cases, people with criminal records even have difficulty obtaining bank loans and professional licenses. Even in instances where the person committed his/her criminal offenses years ago, he/she will find that it is hard to rise above bias and stereotyping from employers, landlords, schools and banks.

Clearing a Criminal Record: Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have a criminal record that's weighing you down, an attorney can offer you a way out. Thankfully, there is a way in which those convicted can “erase” offenses from their criminal records and it is called expungement. Expungement is legally defined as the process in which a criminal conviction is sealed or removed. In Texas, peoples’ criminal records are accessible by the general public, which means that people have access to this information on a daily basis.

If a person has a criminal conviction or has been charged with a crime, someone can access this information. However, if the person successfully files for and obtains an expungement, then his/her conviction or criminal charges will no longer be publicly accessible. In some ways it can be as if the crime never occurred. A Dallas criminal defense lawyer is best qualified to help you carry out the expungement process in Texas, so call the D'Amore Law firm today.

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For those that are looking to leave their past mistakes behind them, they may wish to pursue the expungement process in order to remove criminal offenses from their records. In order to be successful with expungement, they must file a great deal of paperwork and have some working knowledge of the expungement process.

Unfortunately, most people do not have this knowledge or the time to spend filing paperwork. For this reason, those seriously considering expungement should consult with a lawyer. A qualified attorney can review a person’s criminal record, let the person know if he/she is eligible for expungement and then help the person collectively move forward with the expungement process. Call our firm today for help in your case!