Dallas Juvenile Crime Lawyer

We Can Help Defend Your Child Against Harsh Consequences

A juvenile crime is a criminal offense that is committed by an individual who is below the age of 18. Unlike other types of crimes, which are punishable with jail time and large fines, juvenile crimes are usually punishable with counseling and treatment in detention facilities. In the state of Texas, law enforcement's primary aim is to rehabilitate juvenile offenders and to prevent them from repeating illegal behaviors.

It is believed that juveniles have a better chance of learning from their mistakes and moving forward with their lives than adult criminals. Therefore, sentencing for juvenile crimes tends to be a slightly more lenient, except in cases where the juvenile is a repeat offender, endangered a victim or used a weapon while committing his/her crimes.

If you are under 18 and were arrested, or if you have a child who was taken into custody by the police, a lawyer at our firm may be able to help you. Some of the juvenile crime cases we handle include, but are not limited to: drug crimes, underage drinking, DUI, vandalism, shoplifting, assault and battery, gang crimes, and rape.

Information & Facts

  • The most commonly committed juvenile crime is underage drinking followed by drug possession.
  • In some states, like Texas, parents can be held liable for their children's behavior. For example, if a juvenile damages another person's property, his/her parents may have to pay the property owner for the damage.
  • It is reported that 94% of juvenile arrests made each year are for nonviolent crimes.
  • In some cases, the juvenile may be tried as an adult. This usually happens if the juvenile is close to the age of 18, has committed prior criminal offenses or committed a serious crime, like murder.

Once a juvenile has been charged with a criminal offense, his/her parents are very concerned that the offense will follow his/her child for years to come. While this can hold true for some juveniles, others will be able to leave their misdeeds behind them because their parents will have hired an aggressive lawyer. When parents get involved and obtain the services of a leading Dallas criminal defense attorney who has extensive juvenile crime case experience, they will be not only help their child avoid harsh legal consequences, but also allow their child to leave mistakes where they belong, in the past. Contact D'Amore Law Firm today for help in your case!