About Dallas Misdemeanor Charges

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If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it is important to act quickly and involve an attorney who can take immediate action to protect your rights. With a Dallas criminal defense lawyer from D'Amore Law Firm to handle your case, you have the opportunity to avoid a conviction and the various penalties that may be enforced for this type of offense.

Misdemeanor Types and Penalties

A misdemeanor is a lesser offense than a felony. Depending on the circumstances of the case, a defendant convicted of a misdemeanor may face a sentence in county jail and/or a fine. Following are the specific designations and penalties associated with the different types of misdemeanor offenses in Texas:

  • Class A Misdemeanor - up to 1 year in county jail and/or a fine of up to $4,000
  • Class B Misdemeanor - up to 180 days in county jail and/or a fine of up to $2,000
  • Class C Misdemeanor - fine of up to $500

Following are some examples of crimes that may be charged as misdemeanors: DWI, drug possession, domestic violence, simple assault and battery, petty theft and indecent exposure. In some cases, however, these offenses may be charged as felonies. This will typically apply if the defendant has one or more prior convictions on his or her record or if a deadly weapon was used in the commission of the crime. While a misdemeanor may be viewed as the lesser of the two charges, the legal consequences that are imposed through it can be severe.

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