Pre-File Investigations

Contact a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Early On

The term pre-file investigation refers to when a person is being investigated for allegedly committing a crime, but no formal charges have been brought against him/her by law enforcement. During the process it can be difficult to remain composed and to take the right steps so it is critical to have legal representation from day one to defend you even in the initial procedures.

Things to Remember if You are Charged

Are you going to be charged with a criminal offense? If you answered "yes," then it is in your best interests to read and adhere to the following suggestions that have been made by a Dallas criminal attorney at our firm:

  • Remember that you have the "right to remain silent". Your 5th amendment right allows you to refrain from answering any questions that law enforcement may ask you. It is very common for police to aggressively question a person that they believe has committed a criminal offense. During questioning, police may pressure or bully you into answering their questions. By answering their questions while you are under pressure, you are likely to make a mistake that will only help police build a case against you. You may even confess to something you did not do in order to stop police from questioning you. For this reason, it is always wise to remain silent and refrain from giving any statements to police.
  • Remember that you have the right to an attorney. If you have been brought in for questioning by police, you should tell law enforcement officers that before you will answer any questions, you must have your criminal defense attorney present. You lawyer will be able to protect your individual rights and help you avoid making critical errors during investigations and questioning.
  • Never represent yourself during this time or try to defend yourself against allegations. During pre-file investigations, it is crucial that you have a criminal defense lawyer on your side that can get involved immediately and challenge police allegations and evidence. In some cases, an attorney can ensure that charges are never brought against you by contesting insufficient evidence and/or false accusations.

If you are being investigated by law enforcement, but have not been formerly charged with a criminal offense, now is the perfect time to obtain the services of a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with pre-file investigations. By involving an attorney prior to being charged, you will save yourself from a great deal of stress, aggravation and lost time. In addition, our attorney can protect your rights and ensure you make all of the right decisions. Contact D'Amore Law Firm now.