Violating Probation in Dallas

A Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Can Fight For You

For those that are convicted of a crime, there are a number of penalties that may be imposed. One of them can be a probation sentencing that can vary in the length of time it is ordered for. During the probation period there are terms that need to be adhered to and if these are violated than a defendant can deal with further penalties. Probation violations have the potential to have very serious outcomes if you are convicted to the full extent of the law. If you are on probation, you probably already know that a violation of your probation could result in you having to serve the full amount of the sentence which you initially avoided by being placed on probation.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney in Dallas Can Help

Whether you violated a procedural aspect of your probation, such as failing to pay a fine or attend a class, or have been charged with another crime, it is possible to avoid jail or prison and keep your freedom if you have the legal representation of a skilled and dedicated attorney. Sometimes, staying on probation can be as easy as making sure that you correct the violation, if it was a matter of unpaid fees or a missed class or missed community service.

If you are being charged with violating your probation, it is important to remember that you do not have to defend yourself alone. A Dallas criminal defense lawyer from the D'Amore Law Firm can help. By admitting fault and taking responsibility for your mistake, the court may be more lenient and allow you to stay on probation. It may also be helpful to consider the other aspects of your probation violation, such as the exact meaning of the terms, the attitude of your probation officer, and the situation that caused you to violate probation in the first place. Call us today if you need assistance in your probation violation case!