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The Texas legal system aggressively prosecutes defendants charged with violent crimes that endanger the lives of others. When it comes to arson allegations, prosecutors leave no effort or resource untapped when pushing for convictions and harsh criminal penalties. This being the case, it is imperative that anyone facing arson charges in Dallas or any of the surrounding communities take preemptive measures to protect their rights and future by working with a proven Dallas criminal defense attorney from D'Amore Law Firm. Poised to immediately begin investigations into the circumstances surrounding your arrest and/or charges, we can provide you with the aggressive representation you need from the moment you reach out to our firm for help.

As defined by the Texas Penal Code § 28.02, a person can be charged with arson if they start a fire, regardless of whether the fire continues after ignition, or cause an explosion with the intent to destroy any of the following:

  • Any vegetation, fence, or structure on open-space land; or
  • Any building, habitation, or vehicle.

Charges and penalties may also vary depending on the unique factors involved in your case. These factors include the type of property that was damaged, your prior criminal record, and whether an injury or death resulted. Such factors can result in heightened charges and penalties, all of which pose extensive fines and severe terms of imprisonment.

How a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

When facing such life-altering penalties, working with a proven criminal defense attorney can significantly reduce your risk of suffering the most crippling criminal consequences. When handling arson cases, Attorney Thomas A. D'Amore focuses on addressing all aspects of your case. If, for example, it can be shown that you did not intend to destroy or damage property, our firm will work diligently to highlight this key legal element as the basis for having your charges dismissed. Additionally, you can benefit from the positive reputation Attorney D'Amore has built for himself and the firm throughout the local and legal communities. A former prosecutor for nearly two decades, Attorney D'Amore is recognized as a highly experienced attorney skilled in litigation. As a result, his legal peers respect his ability and are often much more willing to negotiate favorable plea agreements or alternative sentencing options, rather than test his skills during trial. This adds another tool to our firm's arsenal that we have the opportunity to use should the need arise.

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With a solid record of success, including more than 400 jury trial victories, Attorney D'Amore is a Dallas criminal defense lawyer you can feel confident about when placing your case in his hands. As our firm also strives to provide the personal attention and support you require during these difficult times, there are few reasons not to take advantage of the services we can provide. Schedule a no-obligation free case evaluation to learn more about the charges you face and how we can help, or contact D'Amore Law Firm today.