Sex Offender Registration in Texas

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If you are convicted of a sex crime, you can be sentenced to harsh penalties including steep fines, a lengthy sentence of imprisonment and years on probation. In addition to these normal criminal penalties, you can also be required to register as a sex offender for anywhere from ten years following your release from jail or prison to as long as the remainder of your life. Reportable convictions include sexual abuse, indecency with a child, possession of child pornography, prohibited sexual conduct and sexual assault, among others.

Information Included in the Sex Offender Registry

The purpose of the sex offender registration program is to notify the public of the presence of individuals who pose a threat to the community. In other words, if you are ordered to register, you will be categorized as a potential danger and may be subjected to serious social stigma. You will have a profile on a website maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, which will include:

  • Your photograph
  • Detailed physical description down to your shoe size
  • Any aliases you use
  • Your home address
  • Your occupation and the address of your place of work
  • The offense for which you were convicted
  • The gender and age of the victim

Labeling You as a Public Safety Threat

The sex offender registry website is open to the public, and visitors can access it from anywhere in the world. Your neighbors will be able to find you on a map of the local area, and a potential employer or anyone else who wants to know can find you by searching for your name in the database. If you were convicted of a serious offense, the Department of Public Safety will actively notify the community by mailing out a postcard with information about you to every residence and business in the area.

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