Sexual Assault

Resilient Advocacy from a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney

Being accused of any sex crime is a frightening experience. Not only could you be facing years in prison, but you could be placed on the sex offender registry for the rest of your life. Under the Texas Penal Code §22, sexual assault is defined as intentionally causing the penetration of a sexual organ, penetration of mouth, causes another individuals sexual organ to contact or penetrate a mouth or organ of another or involves these incidents with a child.

It is done without the consent of the other person and may even be done against their refusal. This could be done by physical violence or force or it could be done by threats which cause the victim to believe that they are in danger of serious bodily harm or death. If physical violence was not used but the victim was unconscious, mentally disabled or otherwise not able to resist, it could still be charged as sexual assault. Whether or not the allegations that have been made against you are true, you need a skillful Dallas criminal defense lawyer on your side, so don't wait to contact D'Amore Law Firm.

First & Second Degree Felonies

Sexual assault is a second degree felony, while aggravated sexual assault is a first degree felony. Aggravated sexual assault is defined as purposefully causing penetration as well as causing serious bodily injury or the attempt to take the victim's life. The suspect could also be accused of aggravated sexual assault if they used any threats which caused the victim to fear that they would be kidnapped or killed if they resisted. Other circumstances which could increase the likelihood that aggravated charges would be brought against them include: if the victim was in any way disabled, elderly, or under the age of 14.

If you were accused of this offense, your first step should be to contact a criminal lawyer from our team of professionals. We will fight tirelessly to protect your best interests and do everything in our power to get your charges dropped. We understand how frightening these accusations can be and can be there as support throughout the entire criminal defense process. Contact the D'Amore Law Firm to being your legal process today.