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At D'Amore Law Firm, our reputation for successful and efficient counsel has enabled us to effectively handle violent crime cases of all kinds in both state and federal courts. Defense against violent crime allegations is a key part of our legal practice, as we believe that the rights of the accused to justice should be protected and upheld.

Frequently committed violent crimes include, but are not limited to:

Speaking with a Dallas violent crimes lawyer about your criminal allegations should be enacted immediately in order to help ensure that you are protected in court. Having handled over 47 murder/capital murder trials and dealing with over 400 jury trials over the past two decades, he can be trusted with your case. No matter what the situation, fill out our free case evaluation form today and allow Attorney D'Amore to review your case before it is too late.

Charges & Penalties You Could Be Facing

When suspects are about to be charged with a violent crime in the state of Texas, there are a few things that law enforcement will take into consideration. Before classifying the person's charges as a misdemeanor or felony, they will look at these factors:

  • The person's prior criminal history
  • If they used a weapon when they committed the violent crime
  • If the person injured another person
  • The extent of the other person's injuries

Additionally, law enforcement will evaluate the case to see if the crime was intentional or premeditated. Once all of these factors have been taken into close consideration, the person will be charged. In most felony violent crime cases, if the person is convicted, they will most likely be sentenced to at least 1 year or more of jail time. Convicted violent crime offenders may also be forced to pay fines, receive counseling, perform community service and participate in a probation program.

Call D'Amore Law Firm Before It Is Too Late

Once a person has been charged with a violent crime, the absolute best thing they can do is to obtain the services of a qualified defense attorney. Unlike some other attorneys who may not be familiar with violent crime cases, Attorney Thomas D'Amore has over 20 years of experience combatting various criminal charges for his clients throughout Dallas.

Why hire our attorney over others in the area? You can feel confident knowing that he possesses these skills:

  • He knows how to work with prosecutors
  • He will carefully evaluate all of the evidence
  • He will review police procedures
  • He can effectively incorporate effective defense tactics to obtain a winning outcome

During the past 23 years, he has won more than 400 different jury trials. Do not hesitate to retain a qualified Dallas criminal attorney who truly cares about your best interests.

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