Embezzlement Attorney in Dallas

What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement is a type of white collar crime which includes taking assets which you had been entrusted with. A typical example of embezzlement is an employee who abuses their position of trust and uses it to steal money or other assets. Another example could be a trustee misusing the funds which he was responsible for managing until they were handed over to the beneficiary. This crime is most often financial in nature as well as non-violent. It can occur gradually over years or all at once and can range from hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars.

White Collar Crime Defense

Since it is considered a white collar crime, while it may differ from the usual criminal charges, it is still just that, a crime. Those that are found guilty may be left with a criminal record for an action they are wrongfully accused of or did not recognize the serious extent of. This crime can be associated with other white collar crimes such as fraud. In more serious cases, it may be handled at the federal level. If you were accused of this crime, you need to seek legal representation immediately as this is both a state and federal offense. At D'Amore Law Firm, an experienced Dallas criminal defense lawyer from our office is here to help, so don't wait to call us today.

Not only that, but as you could be facing up to 30 years in state prison, you need to make every effort to protect your freedom and your future. In the U.S., you are innocent until proven guilty. In order to prove that you are guilty of embezzlement, the prosecution will need to prove the relationship between you and the victim as well as show how you had access to the funds. This will differentiate the crime from other types of theft. If you have more questions about embezzlement and want to discuss your case with a professional, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.