Forgery Charges in Dallas

Let a Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer Represent You

Any act intended to deceive another individual, business or government entity is considered to be forgery, and it is categorized as a type of white collar crime. Specific objects, mathematical statistics and legal documents are all items that can be manipulated or misrepresented to intentionally mislead another. Forgery is similar to fraud in that objects are often altered to change a person's perception or understanding of the matter. If you've been accused of forgery, you should waste no time in speaking with a Dallas criminal lawyer from the D'Amore Law Firm.

Consumer goods and monies can also be forged in order to bring more financial gain to the individuals engaging in the acts. No matter what type of item you have altered, the results will be the same. As a white collar crime, forgery can be tried at the state or federal level and could result in jail time, fines, and restitution fees. The serious nature of this type of crime requires the aggressive and knowledgeable legal defense of a lawyer in order to ensure that your side is adequately represented.

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorneys Challenge Prosecutors

The intricate complexities of prosecution tactics should not be underestimated, especially when your future freedoms and rights are on the line. At the D'Amore Law Firm, a former prosecutor with more than 20 years of experience in the field is on hand to put their skills to work for you. We are aware of just how serious in nature any type of criminal offense can be, particularly those categorized as white collar crimes. Therefore, we will not rest until everything in our power has been done to ensure that your case has the best possible chance to be reduced or dropped altogether.

Aggressive action must be taken in matters of criminal accusations, and this is true whether your case is taken to trial or settled out of court. The heavy fines, significant jail time and potential of life on probation are not consequences that are easily endured. For this reason, we will dedicate ourselves to making absolutely sure that everything possible is done to avoid these negative consequences. Contact D'Amore Law Firm today for skilled representation!