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CHL Reciprocity

Posted By Criminal Defense Standard || 9-Aug-2010

     Approximately 34 states have reciprocity with respect to Concealed Handgun Licenses and permits ("CHL" or "CHL's") issued by another state.  The laws and administrative procedures related to carrying a concealed handgun, however, vary from state to state.  Moreover, a person licensed in one state who travels to another state is required to follow that state's concealed carry laws.  Failing to follow a state's CHL laws can result in being charged with a felony in that state, and possible revocation of your CHL in your home state.

     Colorado, for example, recognizes licenses issued by Texas to Texas residents, but does not recognize licenses issued by Texas to non-Texas residents. In addition, the Texas license holder must be 21 years old (or older) for the license to be recognized in Colorado.  In Oklahoma, a person who enters Oklahoma with a valid Texas CHL may carry a handgun in Oklahoma, but upon coming in contact with any Oklahoma peace officer must disclose to the peace officer the fact that he or she is in possession of a firearm pursuant to a valid concealed carry weapons permit or license issued by Texas.    

     If you hold a Texas Concealed Carry License and intend to cross state lines carrying a concealed firearm, you should familiarize yourself with state law regarding carrying a concealed firearm before you do so.  State laws related to CHL reciprocity are readily available.

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