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Juvenile Statements

Posted By Dellah Streech || 13-Aug-2010

Generally, there are certain rules a police officer should follow before interrogating a juvenile suspect who is the focus of a criminal investigation. Failure to follow those rules could result in the juvenile's statements to the police officer being inadmissible in a court proceeding.

Keeping improperly obtained statements out of evidence in a criminal proceeding often has a significant impact on the outcome of the case. Dallas criminal Attorney, Tom D'Amore has 23 years of criminal law experience and has handled hundreds of motions related to the admissibility of statements provided to police officers.

The D'Amore Law Firm can help you determine the legality and admissibility of any statement a juvenile defendant provided to a police officer. Contact the D'Amore Law Firm to arrange a meeting with Tom D'Amore for a free consultation related to your case.

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