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Shoplifting - A Serious Matter

Posted By Criminal Law Standard || 23-Aug-2010

    Shoplifting is theft.  Many adults and juveniles fail to recognize that a shoplifting conviction is a serious matter that can lead to a broad array of adverse consequences beyond serving time in jail, paying a fine, and making restitution to the store. 

    In legalese, shoplifting is a crime of "Moral Turpitude," which is a fancy way of saying shoplifting tends to show that a person lacks the moral character necessary to be trusted.  As such, a shoplifting conviction can severely limit a person's employment opportunities, prevent a person from serving in the military, and potentially make a person ineligible for admission to certain colleges.  In addition, a shoplifting conviction often causes a person to lose respect among their peers, causes intense feelings of guilt and shame, and can harm an entire family's reputation in the community. 

    In many instances, people shoplift (especially juveniles) simply because the opportunity presents itself.  In other cases, people shoplift for attention or the thrill of getting away with it.  In many cases, the accused shoplifter steals an item even though they can afford it or do not need or want the item.  Unfortunately, irrespective of the motive involved, a shoplifting conviction is a serious matter. 

    If you or your child have been charged with shoplifting or any other form of theft, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney who will fight for you.  Dallas criminal defense attorney Tom D'Amore of the D'Amore Law Firm has been practicing criminal law for more than 23 years and has handled literally hundreds of theft casesContact the D'Amore Law Firm to schedule a free case review with Dallas criminal defense attorney Tom D'Amore
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