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The Importance of Jury Trial Experience

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 30-Jul-2010

Tom D'Amore has taken to verdict more than 400 criminal JURY trials. This figure includes approximately 109 drug crime JURY trials, 47 murder/capital murder Jury trials, and scores of driving while intoxicated JURY trials. In short, Tom is one of the most experienced criminal jury trial attorneys in Texas. If your case goes to trial, you will want to an experienced criminal jury trial attorney to represent you.

Generally, criminal cases are resolved one of four (4) ways:

1. Dismissal
2. Plea Bargain
3, Trial Before The Court (The Judge decides guilt/innocence)

For an attorney to become a highly skilled and effective jury trial attorney, he/she MUST obtain experience that can only be gained by trying cases in front of a jury. When it comes to JURY trials, there is no substitute for experience.

When you interview criminal attorneys to decide which attorney to hire, be sure to ask the attorney about his/her JURY trial experience. The following questions may help you determine whether an attorney has extensive JURY trial experience:

1. How many criminal JURY trials have you tried to a verdict during your career?
2. How many criminal JURY trials have you had in the last 12 months?
3. What types of criminal cases (e.g. murder, robbery, DWI, drug possession etc.) have you tried before a JURY?
4. How many [insert the crime you have been charged with] criminal JURY trials have you tried?

Make sure the attorney's responses specifically refer to "JURY TRIALS" as opposed to trials before a judge.

For a variety of reasons, certain cases are decided by a jury trial. If your case goes to trial before a jury, you will want an attorney with extensive JURY trial experience sitting next to you at the counsel table.

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