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Blog Posts in September, 2010

  • 29-Sep-2010

    Jury Nullification

    When a judge seats a jury the jurors take an oath to follow the law. In a jury trial, the Judge is the resident expert on the law. As such, the Judge will, among other things, preside over the proceedings, rule on objections and motions, and, prior ...
  • 23-Sep-2010

    Police Stops

    It is important to keep in mind that police officers are human beings. Among other things, they have families, friends, and a job to do. During a traffic stop a police officers number one concern is to remain safe. When the officer approaches a ...
  • 20-Sep-2010

    Ignorance Not A Defense - Or Is It?

    Under Texas criminal Law, ignorance of the law is not a defense to prosecution. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. Ignorance of the law may be a defense if the person charged with the crime believed their conduct was not a crime AND ...
  • 10-Sep-2010

    Witnesses - Dress For Success

    Studies show that people often reach their conclusion about a matter based solely on their first impression. Moreover, once a person reaches a conclusion it is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their mind. For these reasons, first ...
  • 8-Sep-2010

    A Lawyer's Reputation

    What an attorney tells you about himself is important. At least as important, however, is what people who relied on that attorney have to say. During his 23 years practicing criminal law, Dallas criminal attorney Tom D'Amore has received many thank ...
  • 7-Sep-2010

    How Young Is Too Young

    Juries tend not to show sympathy toward adults who engage in sexual contact with a minor. A conviction related to any sex crime, especially indecency with a child, will have a profound and lasting effect on virtually every aspect of a person's life. ...
  • 2-Sep-2010

    Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?

    In many instances, when a police officer makes a traffic stop, the first question he asks the driver is whether he knows why the police officer pulled him over. On its face, this may seem like an odd question since the police officer knows why he ...
  • 1-Sep-2010

    The Right Not To Testify At Trial

    The 5th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides the right against self-incrimination. This means that at trial, the person charged with a crime (the defendant) has the right not to testify. Furthermore, jurors are instructed, that if the ...

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