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Marijuana Possession - More Serious Than You May Think

Posted By Criminal Law Standard || 27-Sep-2010

    States such as California and Colorado legalized licensed pharmacies that can lawfully distribute marijuana provided the purchaser presents a prescription.  In certain regions of these states it is relatively easy to obtain a prescription for marijuana.  As a result, possession of relatively small amounts of marijuana in these states has been all but legalized. 

    In contrast, Texas Law provides for comparatively stringent punishment for persons convicted of even a relatively small amount of marijuana.  If you think marijuana possession is not a big deal, you would be wrong.   

    The Texas Health and Safety Code provides that a person commits the offense of possession of marijuana if that person knowingly or intentionally possesses a usable quantity of marijuana. 

    Here is the rub: Possession of two ounces or less or marijuana is a Class B misdemeanor, which carries a jail sentence not to exceed 180 days, a fine not to exceed $2,000, or BOTH.  As such, a person with NO previous criminal history who is convicted of marijuana possession can be sentenced to significant jail time and a substantial fine.  In Texas being charged with possession of marijuana is a very serious matter, and sentences judges and juries impose can vary greatly depending on a variety of circumstances.

    During his 23 year tenure as a Dallas area criminal defense lawyer, Tom D'Amore has tried to a jury more than 109 felony drug cases.  In addition, Tom has tried literally hundreds of drug cases before Judges.  Throughout his career, Tom has obtained outstanding results handling drug crime cases.

    If you have been charged with possession of marijuana or any other drug crime, contact Tom D'Amore at the D'Amore Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation

    Drug convictions, regardless of the drug involved, can have a detrimental impact on, among other things, your employment and educational opportunities.  For these and other reasons, it is very important that you hire a highly experienced attorney to represent you if you are charged with a drug crime

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