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Witnesses - Dress For Success

Posted By Criminal Law Standard || 10-Sep-2010

    Studies show that people often reach their conclusion about a matter based solely on their first impression.  Moreover, once a person reaches a conclusion it is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their mind.  For these reasons, first impressions are especially important in jury trials

    When a person comes to testify as a criminal trial witness, the first thing the judge, jury, and prosecutors will see is the witness's appearance.  As with any witness, the jury will, among other things, have to determine whether the witness's testimony is credible.  Although many factors go into that calculation, the jury's first impression of the witness may be the most important factor. 

    As such, a witness should come to court well-groomed, dressed well (but not flashy), and avoid wearing expensive jewelry, watches, and the like. 

    Male trial witnesses should avoid wearing jeans, tee-shirts, athletic wear, athletic shoes, multiple pieces of jewelry, or short pants.  Ideally, male witnesses will wear a suit and tie, however, slacks, a button shirt, and a tie is also acceptable. 

    Female witnesses likewise should avoid wearing, jeans, tee-shirts, athletic wear, athletic shoes, multiple pieces of jewelry, or short pants.  In addition, female witnesses should not wear short or tight skirts or low-cut blouses.  Regardless of whether or not it is fair to do so, jurors will judge you by what you wear to court. 

    Most jurors will expect you to show respect toward the judge and to the court.  As such, it is in your best interest to dress appropriately when you are a trial witness.  If you make a good first impression with the jury, they are much more likely to find your testimony credible. 

    Tom D'Amore has tried more than 400 jury trials, and has presented literally thousands of witnesses at trial during his 23 year career as a criminal attorney.  Although no one can predict how a given jury will react to evidence presented at trial, Tom's vast trial experience taught him how to present effectively his clients' witnesses.  Tom's attention to detail accounts for the outstanding results he has obtained in jury trials

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