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Blog Posts in 2011

  • 29-Nov-2011

    Judge Resigns in Bribery Case After Getting Probation

    A state district judge will serve 10 years of probation and resign from the bench after being convicted of felony bribery last week. Judge Suzanne Wooten announced this agreement outside the jury's presence, acknowledging the jury's guilty ...
  • 2-May-2011

    Alleged Bank Robbers Chased, Arrested

    Following a short chase through Irving, two men were arrested for aggravated robbery and evading arrest after they robbed an Irving bank. The two 24-year-old men entered the bank around 2:30 pm on Saturday wearing masks and holding firearms. The two ...
  • 24-Feb-2011

    But what if I was caught on tape?

    When a defendant is facing criminal charges and there is video surveillance of the defendant leaving the scene or even committing the act itself, it may seem that there is literally no chance of avoiding a conviction or the need for a guilty plea. ...
  • 17-Feb-2011

    When the Odds Seem Stacked Against You

    For many defendants, they find that they are in situations where it seems that law enforcement has irrefutable evidence against them. They may feel that there is little to no chance of avoiding a conviction due to hard evidence and witness testimony, ...

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