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Case Results: Felony Graffiti On a School Reduced to Misdemeanor & 3 Months Deferred Probation

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 21-Aug-2012

Our client was facing felony charges of graffiti on a Texas school, and we were able to successfully see to it that his charges were reduced to a misdemeanor offense. As a result, they will spend no time in jail or owe any hefty fines; he will only be required to spend the next 3 months on differed probation. A client that receives deferred probation means that they are not facing severe charges, and once their probationary time is up there will be no scores on their record anymore.

In today’s society graffiti is quite common, every person can remember seeing it on some freeway overpass or random parking lot, however a school zone is considered a little more personal. Any person who is convicted of graffiti in the state of Texas is considered to be violating or ruining someone else’s property. If convicted the severity of the charges and the fines will depend on the extent of the damage done to a property whether commercial or private. Due to the importance of schools, churches, graveyards, monuments, and hospitals within our community vandalizing these properties is considered to be a more extreme felony offense, and the penalties can greatly increase.

The fines that an individual can owe if accused can reach over $200,000 at times, again depending on the specific situation. Regardless to say, with the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney such as those at D’Amore Law Firm, being excused from these charges is not impossible. If you or someone you know is looking at charges for any form of property crimes don’t hesitate to call our offense for a free consolation of your situation, we want to help you fight this! Our clients can rest assured that they are in capable legal hands, don’t wait another minute to take action towards proving your innocence!

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