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Old Man Confesses to Murder & Sex Crimes From 30 Years Ago

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 15-Aug-2012

Back in 1970, there was a string of killings in Portland Oregon. A 44 year old Marlene Clair Carlson was found dead those many years ago in her own apartment building and the cause of her death was strangulation. A 15 year old girl, Julie Marie Bennet was also killed and found by a creek dead two years after. Their murderer was never located, and after thirty years Jeffery Paul Cutlip, 63, decided to call in the police and clear the air, he wanted to confess to the crimes that had turn into cold cases so many decades ago.

Cutlip confessed to various crimes from the past, which were added to his 1982 sex offender registration, having already been accused guilty for sodomy and burglary. During all that time the murder cases were never connected to him. The authorities’ share that they were aware Cutlip for some time though there was really never evidence that they could use to pin the crimes onto him. Coming forward was something that shocked them all. Police also share that he not only turned himself in for these two unsolved murder cases, but he also turned in evidence that will likely connect him to many other crimes in the Portland area.

If you or someone you know has been accused of any sort of violent crime such as murder or a sex crime, the consequences if convicted can be severe. At the D’Amore Law Firm, we have much experience in the area of violent crimes and sexual offenses. We believe that every person has the right to present themselves before the court in order to prove their innocence, and our team wants to come along side you to do that. Contact our offices today for a free consultation, time is of the essence don’t wait to take action!

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