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North Texas Man Charged with Federal Child Porn

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 30-Jul-2012

It was only last Friday, July 26th, that criminal reports were made public regarding a male resident of North Texas who was accused and formally charged with federal child pornography charges. M. Manske, a 48-year-old man residing in the state, has been accused on a number of occasions for sexually inappropriate behavior, and he is now being criminally charged for the accusations against him. According to police records, the allegations made against Manske first began when he was caught peeping at young boys in the bathrooms of Arlington's Rangers Ballpark.

Reports indicate that Manske continued to behave in criminally questionable ways, citing federally documented investigations which unveiled child pornographic images on the defendant's cell phone. Several other witness reports have cropped up since then, including allegations of Manske looking at young boys in the bathroom of Texas Motor Speedway during an IndyCar race that was held earlier this summer. In fact, it was at this event that police were called to the scene and Manske was officially taken away.

The federal documents related to the public reports made regarding Manske's behavior indicate that the man was seen on several different occasions entering the men's restrooms of facilities in the area. According to reports, the man spent his time in these stalls looking at young boys who were in the restroom using the urinals. Adding to the charges currently against him is the fact that Manske has two previous convictions for indecent exposure. He is now being held in federal custody where he will remain until the charges against him have been settled.

In order for a prosecuting attorney to successfully prove that a defendant is guilty of the child pornography charges he / she is facing, a number of legal actions will need to be taken and successfully executed. Common among many child porn cases in states throughout the U.S. is the need to establish that the defendant knowingly committed a sexually explicit act involving a child and that the defendant knew – or should have known – that the individuals involved in the act were minors under the age of 18.

If you are facing accusations of a criminal nature, especially if they are ones involving an offense classified as child pornography, then you have absolutely no time to waste. The only chance you stand of effectively negating the criminal allegations that have been made against you is by securing sound legal representation that you can rely upon to act aggressively on your behalf. Therefore, you are urged to speak with an attorney from D'Amore Law Firm as soon as possible about the charges you are facing and the legal defense strategies that can be employed to help challenge the criminality of your case.

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