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Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 8-Nov-2012

There are many different circumstances that can result in an individual getting in trouble with the law. Whether it is being accused of driving under the influence, getting in a public dispute, trespassing on someone’s property or number of other possibilities, law enforcement officials like to take action and make arrests. That is just how it is; someone breaks the law and they arrest them. Well, the question then remains, what if the person didn’t do it? What if the person arrested was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time, or the cops just wouldn’t listen to their side of the story? What if the person is guilty? Whatever the case may be, here in the United States we are given the opportunity to have the right to defend ourselves when accused of a crime. Not only that, we have the right to hire a skilled and qualified attorney who can represent us in court.

The D’Amore Law Firm is dedicated to the people of the Dallas community and surrounding areas, and it is our mission to be the legal defense the people need when facing charges for any crime. Thomas A. D’Amore is a qualified professional, and any individual who hires him for representation can rest assured that they are in capable hands. Before choosing to pursue criminal defense, Thomas spent nearly two decades working for the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office, having received a handful of promotions in his time there. His experience in the DA’s office is invaluable as a defense attorney today, because not only has he spent the time studying their methods and approach, he has lived it out and won many cases. Now, as a defense attorney, he is able to take that background and implement it into his defense strategy, making his argument that much stronger before the judge and jury.

Thomas, in his total career of practicing law, has been able to win hundreds of jury trials allowing him the hands on experience with a wide variety of different legal cases. For more information on his experience and successes, click here. Just this year our firm has been able to see through many successful cases, helping clients who were facing felony charges, to have them dismissed. For a few more examples of our recent successful cases at our firm, click here.

Our legal team has handled a wide variety of criminal cases, and we are ready and willing to fight for you as well! We are able to handle cases involving: assault, fraud, felony charges, juvenile crimes, internet crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, weapons charges, DWI/DUI charges, and many more!

For example, when an individual is accused of driving under the influence, depending on the severity of the charges, it could result in severe consequences with the law. If a person was under the influence and as a result the accident caused the death of another person, if convicted they could be looking at 20 years behind bars. Understanding the severity of the consequences, hiring a defense attorney is essential. At the D’Amore Law Firm, we will do our best to either have the charges dismissed or the sentencing reduced.

People aren’t perfect, and just as adults make mistake, so do kids. Juvenile crimes are a touchy subject for families because the fear of sending them to jail or even being charged as an adult can be overwhelming. At our firm we understand that mistakes do happen, and sometimes for children, other methods apart from prison are going to be more beneficial to their growth and change after breaking a law. Fortunately, if the minor is convicted as a juvenile, their sentencing may be less severe than that of an adult. Either way, no family wants to watch their child go through this situation alone, and our firm wants to be there to offer the legal defense that a juvenile needs when charged with a crime.

White collar crimes are not uncommon today, whether it is counterfeiting, extortion, embezzling, money laundering, tax fraud, etc. if an individual is arrested for one of these crimes they could not only be facing extreme fines, but also time behind bars as well. Fortunately, these types of crimes are usually done violence free, though there are some in which violence is used. Despite the fact that people may not be physically injured by these crimes, white collar crimes often hurt people and corporations where it really hurts, their wallets. These offenses can be very serious and often considered as federal crimes. Because of that, hiring a strong defense attorney is essential.

The D’Amore Law Firm is a legal team that is committed to excellence and dedication to our clients. We want every person that we work with to know that they are not just “some criminal” or a simple case number, but rather they are an individual with a unique story. It is our job as defense attorneys to get the details of their story and use it in their defense. We are willing to do whatever it takes to help our clients, and our team will put forth the time and effort in order to deliver a strong defense. If you or someone you know has been accused of any crime, contact a Dallas criminal defense attorney today for the representation you deserve! You can fill out a free case evaluation here, and together we can discuss the specifics of your case where you can then determine if hiring our firm is the step you want to take.

Consider following our firm on a popular social media network such as Facebook for useful updates involving criminal cases and law that may be helpful to you in the future. Our firm is located at 4144 North Central Expressway #250 Dallas, Texas 75204. Feel free to call us at (214) 794-4860 for more information and to discuss your case. Facing criminal charges is not an ideal situation for any individual, and our firm wants to help you fight for the rights you deserve in the midst of this difficult time. Don’t wait to take action, contact us today!

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