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Case Results: Felony Prostitution Reduced to Misdemeanor

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 12-Oct-2012

In the state of Texas, prostitution is illegal. According to the Texas Penal Code §43.02, any person who offers to engage in sexual conduct for a fee can be charged with prostitution. Also, anyone who solicits another person in a public place to engage with him in sexual conduct for hire can be charged with prostitution, even if the act wasn’t ever committed.

In some cases, the actor is forced to pay a fee. Prostitution is first dealt with as a Class B misdemeanor. This means that the actor is normally punished with a hefty fine and up to one year in jail. If the actor has engaged in prostitution and been punished before, then he or she can be charged with a Class A misdemeanor instead. When a person has been charged with over three acts of prostitution in the past, only then can he or she be charged with a state jail felony.

A state jail felony charge can brings on a minimum 180 day jail sentence and up to 2 years behind bars. As well, the individual who is charged with the felony can be charged a fine up to $10,000.When a client came to our firm with a felony prostitution charge, we lost no time in working on the case. We were able to uncover facts that helped convince the court to reduce our client’s charge to a misdemeanor In addition to being granted a misdemeanor, we were able to whittle our client’s sentence down to a mere 3 days in jail. Compared to the 180 minimum sentence that accompanies a felony charge, this was excellent. Contact a lawyer at the D’Amore Law Firm today if you have been charged with prostitution and want legal advocacy you can trust and rely on in court!

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