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Case Results: Felony Theft Charge Dismissed

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 23-Oct-2012

Theft crimes are often complicated to solve. This is because witnesses often have conflicting accounts or there may not be any solid evidence that a person stole the items that went missing. People often point the finger at a suspicious friend or family member when their valuables go missing, even if they can’t prove that their friend or family member took them. The same happens with men and women who are involved in felony case. Sometimes false accusations may lead to a charge that is not fair. Other times, a person may be framed for a theft. Crafty criminals often hide their stolen goods in innocent victims’ purses or pockets so that they are not suspected as the actor in the offense. The victim of the framing may end up in court because the items were found on his or her person, even though he or she did not do anything wrong.

There is also the issue of conflicting or confused accounts. A client from Tarrant County recently came to us having been charged with felony theft from an elderly person. In these cases, there is always a chance that the victim is confused and does not even recall the situation correctly. For example, an older gentleman with dementia may accuse someone of stealing his wallet when the man is simply offering to pay for his meal for him and wants to pull out his credit card to do so. When an older individual has a mental incapability it may lead to false accusations and eventually to an innocent person’s punishment. There are a variety of ways to defend a client caught in a theft case like this one. If you have been charged with a felony theft charge then contact a lawyer at our firm to get optimal defense on your case!

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