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Anti-Bullying Laws in Texas

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 27-Sep-2012

Every year, children commit suicide or fall into deep depression due to the bullying that they experience on a daily basis at school. Because of this, the Texas government issued a new ordinance which went into effect on September 1st. Now, all schools in Texas are required to have a comprehensive anti-bullying law in place. The bullying policies should also mention something about discriminatory bullying and target bullies who pick on those of other sexual orientations or genders. Under new laws, the school districts will have the right to remove or transfer bullies that are in their schools and won’t respond to correction.

A victim of bullying now has the right to protect himself through physical confrontation without being punished in the state of Texas. Up until this year the Texas school districts would frequently punish victims for physically assaulting their classmates. In addition, some jurisdictions are now treating bullying as a criminal activity. In these school districts, when a victim reports a bully an investigator will be assigned to the case. The bully may be sent to juvenile hall for his or her actions if the investigators can prove that the defendant was inflicting significant harm on an individual.

The new anti-bullying laws are dealt with differently based on what jurisdiction the child affected is in. If your child has been called out for bullying and is now facing juvenile criminal charges, then you will want to assign a criminal defense lawyer to the case. In some situations, your child may even be charged with crimes like assault or battery. You will want to have an attorney ready to take on the case and preserve your child from punishments. Talk to a lawyer at the D’Amore Law Firm today if you want representation that you can trust! Your child may have been misunderstood, or may be too young to recognize the pain and emotional trauma that he or she was inflicting upon others at school. We will fight for that child’s rights as we look into the case!

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