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Dad's Accidentally Shoots Daughter, Case No-Billed

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 21-Sep-2012

In Fort Worth, Texas, a father’s worst nightmare came true. Thomas Brock Wilson was pulling a gun out of a bag in his Texas home when the firearm accidentally shot off. The bullet which was fired from the gun moved directly into his 9-year-old daughter’s stomach, killing her. After the devastating death of a daughter, this bereft father wasn’t comforted. Instead, he was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. The father who was mourning his child’s early death from this world was suddenly placed in a cold jail cell with the assumption that he had killed his child.

Thankfully, Wilson was able to get an accomplished lawyer on his case right away. This enabled him to prove that the gunshot was a complete accident with no malice involved. The court also couldn’t prove that Wilson acted negligently or recklessly when the girl died. Instead, they could only determine that the death was the result of a highly unfortunate gun malfunction. If you have been charged with manslaughter for a family member, we understand that you may be innocent. Oftentimes the police will first suspect family members in the death of a child, especially in a case like this one. The police may assume that Wilson is lying about the malfunctioning gun, and believe that he shot his daughter on purpose.

For a father who is devastated over the loss of his daughter, allegations of manslaughter were the last thing that he wanted. You are probably in a similar situation if you are accused of the murder of a child that you loved deeply. Talk to a criminal defense attorney at our Dallas firm if you want compassionate and convincing representation in your trial. Like Wilson’s attorney, we will try as hard as possible to no-bill your case and prove that you are innocent of manslaughter!

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