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Aggravated Robbery and Drug Possession Case Dismissed

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm LLP || 25-Jan-2013

Recently, I helped a client who was charged with aggravated robbery and heroin possession get their case dismissed by the court. Since robbery is considered to be a violent theft crime, the client would have faced felony penalties of the first degree, which are a minimum of 5 years in prison and a fine up to $10,000. Under Texas Law, robbery is defined as theft while intentionally or recklessly causing injury, intentionally threatening death, or placing someone else in fear of harm or death. Aggravated robbery is when the defendant causes bodily injury to a victim, shows or possesses a deadly weapon, or robs a disabled person or a person above the age of sixty-five.

Because of the current "war on drugs", Texas also sees drug crimes as very serious. If my client had been convicted of heroin possession, he could have been imprisoned and fined, given community service, and put into rehabilitation. Heroin, especially, has serious consequences because it is considered to be highly addictive and dangerous. In addition, felony and misdemeanor charges get put on your record that can prevent persons from basic activities such as driving and getting a job. While many heroin possession cases end in a plea agreement, when the defendant is promised the most lenient sentence in exchange for pleading guilty, my client was not forced to forfeit his rights because I was able to get his case dismissed.

If you have been charged with theft crimes, drug possession or any other criminal offense, then it is vital that you contact a member of my legal team as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney at my firm can provide you with the aggressive representation you need to get your charges dropped or reduced. Don't settle for a guilty plea, let us fight for you!

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