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Client Accused of DWI Gets Charge Reduced to Obstructing a Highway

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 18-Jan-2013

In Texas, DWI is a serious offense. Due to pressure on the state by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and other such organizations, the District Attorney's Office does not let offenders off easily. If you have been accused of driving while intoxicated, you need to ensure that you have a strong legal representative on your side fighting to protect your rights.

A conviction of DWI could result jail time, fines, as well as the loss of driving privileges. Even a first time offender could be facing up to 180 days in jail and the suspension of their driver's license for 90 days.

Such were the penalties that our client was facing when she was arrested for DWI. According to the Texas Penal Code §49.04 (2007), it is illegal to drive while intoxicated. If your blood alcohol concentration is at 0.08% or above or you were visibly impaired when driving, you could be charged and convicted of this offense. In this case, however, we were able to get her charges reduced from DWI to obstructing a highway, which is a Class B misdemeanor. This is different from a DWI conviction and will usually not affect your insurance rates in the future.

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