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Client Facing Felony Probation Violation Continues on Probation

Posted By Criminal Lawyer in Dallas, TX || 5-Jun-2013

In a recent case, our client was on felony conviction probation for a previous crime. In Texas, a person is placed on felony probation when they had been sentenced to a term in jail or prison, but instead were allowed to serve their term outside jail. While they are on probation, they will be subject to certain regulations and restrictions. In this case, our client was charged with a new offense while on probation. Not only that, but they failed to report (one of the regulations of probation). The judge could have decided to have them serve the remainder of their term from behind bars, but we were able to have him continue on probation and not have to suffer any more negative consequences. If you were accused of a probation violation, you should contact a member of our team so that we can help you fight for your rights.

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