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Deferred Adjudication for Client Charged With Felony Sexual Assault

Posted By Dallas Criminal Lawyer || 5-Mar-2013

In a recent case that took place in Collin County, an individual was charged with sexual assault, a felony offense. Under Texas law, sexual assault is sexual intercourse which occurs without the victim's permission. Not only could our client have been facing prison time and fines, but they could have been permanently placed on the sex offender registry. Their basic information and the details of their crime would have been available to the public.

Rather than allow this to happen, our client plead no contest to the charges in order to receive deferred adjudication. Our client was placed on probation rather than having to spend time behind bars. If you were accused of a serious offense like a sex crime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a Dallas criminal defense attorney from our legal team. Learn how we could help defend your rights and keep you out of prison.

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