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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • 29-May-2013

    Client Accused of Murder Found Not Guilty

    One of the most serious charges you could be facing is murder. Under the Texas Penal Code Sec. 19.02, murder is defined as intentionally causing the death of another. Other circumstances which could constitute murder charges includes the intent to ...
  • 23-May-2013

    Has Your Child Been Arrested in Dallas, TX?

    When an individual under the age of 18 commits a crime, it is called a juvenile crime. Some states vary on the age that someone becomes an adult but in Texas, 17 and younger is considered a juvenile. There is a minimum age limit as well; children ...
  • 22-May-2013

    Client Facing Misdemeanor Theft Has Case Dismissed

    According to the Texas Penal Code Sec. 31.03, theft occurs when a person deprives an owner of their property. The aspects of this case which make the act unlawful are that the property was taken without the owner's consent and they did not have ...

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