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Why Are DWI Hearings in Texas So Important?

Posted By D'Amore Law Firm || 7-Nov-2013

After a DWI arrest, you will take part in a DWI (ALR) hearing, which is prior to the actual arraignment. No charges will be laid out during this preliminary hearing. This hearing is more of an opportunity for some or all of your charges to be dismissed prior to a formal trial. Having a solid Dallas DWI defense lawyer by your side for this hearing can potentially make your case. Your attorney will have a chance to cross-examine the police officers involved in your arrest, asking questions about the process of your arrest, if it was according to legal standards and asking for necessary evidence.

In addition, witnesses can be called upon at this hearing to speak in your defense. A qualified criminal lawyer can take a detailed look at all of the documented evidence as well as additional hearsay from other eye witnesses and compile it into a solid case defense. Witnesses can often give a better account for your actions the night of your arrest and may be able to help dispel physical evidence. For example, if you have a witness that knows that on the night of your DWI arrest you were extremely tired and that's why your eyes were blood shot and lost your balance during the field sobriety test, it could help your case. This is especially true if the law officer who pulled you over did not have sufficient enough probable cause to do so.

Many individuals do not take this preliminary hearing as seriously as they should, but can actually be a valuable step on the way towards freedom from your charges. If treated correctly, this hearing could make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Call D'Amore Law Firm today for reliable legal help. As a former prosecutor, he is more than capable at handling even the most complicated cases. Free consultation when you call (800) 738-1960 today!

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