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  • 27-Mar-2013

    Firm Success in Recent Sex Crimes Case

    Our firm recently handled a relatively complex case in which our client was facing three different cases of child pornography as well as a charge of sexual performance by a child. Originally, our client could have been facing extensive time in prison ...
  • 20-Mar-2013

    Capital Murder Reduced to Murder with a Sentence of 20 Years

    Although considered as a rare occurrence, conviction of capital murder is one of the highest offenses in the country. Currently, capital murder is any murder and the only crime that warrants a sentence of the death penalty. At D'Amore Law Firm, ...
  • 13-Mar-2013

    Client's Charge of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Reduced to Misdemeanor Assault

    A criminal charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon is at the least considered a second degree felony by the state of Texas. Conviction of such a crime is accompanied by a jail sentence that ranges from two to 20 years. Recently, a client ...
  • 8-Nov-2012

    Learn More About Your Trusted Dallas Defense Attorneys

    There are many different circumstances that can result in an individual getting in trouble with the law. Whether it is being accused of driving under the influence, getting in a public dispute, trespassing on someone’s property or number of ...
  • 23-Oct-2012

    Gun Rumor Results in High School Lockdown

    Lancaster High School in Texas was recently placed on lockdown when students began talking about a possible gun threat on campus. The school authorities took the rumors seriously and locked the school down for multiple hours. Some students headed to ...
  • 15-Oct-2012

    Teen Accused of Carjacking, Setting Fire to Vehicle in Oak Cliff

    According to a recent report on Dallas News, an angry teen jacked a car from an innocent victim this past Sunday in east Oak Cliff. Lucio Mariano Garcia is 17, and is now being held in the Dallas County Jail after being arrested for his crime. He is ...
  • 9-Oct-2012

    Dallas Restaurant Shooting Leaves Suspect on the Loose

    Today one person was killed and another was injured in a horrific restaurant shooting near Dallas, Texas. Reporters claim that the incident happened at about 2:45 at Hunan Wok, a Chinese food restaurant in North Richland Hills. The man entered the ...
  • 17-Aug-2012

    Case Results: Felony Possession of Meth Sentenced Reduced to Misdemeanor With No Jail Time

    Another successful case at the D’Amore Law Firm for criminal defense in Dallas, Texas! We just recently went to trial with our client facing felony charges for possession of methamphetamine and after trail our client’s punishment was ...
  • 24-Feb-2011

    But what if I was caught on tape?

    When a defendant is facing criminal charges and there is video surveillance of the defendant leaving the scene or even committing the act itself, it may seem that there is literally no chance of avoiding a conviction or the need for a guilty plea. ...
  • 17-Feb-2011

    When the Odds Seem Stacked Against You

    For many defendants, they find that they are in situations where it seems that law enforcement has irrefutable evidence against them. They may feel that there is little to no chance of avoiding a conviction due to hard evidence and witness testimony, ...
  • 20-Sep-2010

    Ignorance Not A Defense - Or Is It?

    Under Texas criminal Law, ignorance of the law is not a defense to prosecution. There are, however, two exceptions to this rule. Ignorance of the law may be a defense if the person charged with the crime believed their conduct was not a crime AND ...
  • 11-Aug-2010

    Intoxication As A Defense - Or Not?

    Recently Dallas criminal defense attorney, Tom D'Amore, was questioned on the legality of an arrest and confinement regarding the crime of assault on a public servant. The question was whether the individual had the requisite intent to "assault" the ...

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