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  • 7-Nov-2013

    Why Are DWI Hearings in Texas So Important?

    After a DWI arrest, you will take part in a DWI (ALR) hearing, which is prior to the actual arraignment. No charges will be laid out during this preliminary hearing. This hearing is more of an opportunity for some or all of your charges to be ...
  • 10-Sep-2010

    Witnesses - Dress For Success

    Studies show that people often reach their conclusion about a matter based solely on their first impression. Moreover, once a person reaches a conclusion it is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their mind. For these reasons, first ...
  • 2-Sep-2010

    Do You Know Why I Pulled You Over?

    In many instances, when a police officer makes a traffic stop, the first question he asks the driver is whether he knows why the police officer pulled him over. On its face, this may seem like an odd question since the police officer knows why he ...

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