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Recent Posts in Jury Trials

  • 12-Nov-2010

    Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentences

    Difference Between Consecutive and Concurrent in Texas Concurrent sentences allow those convicted and sentenced of a crime to serve multiple sentences at the same time, while consecutive means they must serve the sentences one after another. ...
  • 11-Nov-2010

    Jury Selection - A Misnomer

    Lawyers and others commonly refer to the jury selection process (called "Voir Dire") as, "picking a jury." In fact, attorneys do not pick jurors to sit on the jury; they eliminate jurors they do not want to sit on the jury. Here is how jury selection ...
  • 29-Sep-2010

    Jury Nullification

    When a judge seats a jury the jurors take an oath to follow the law. In a jury trial, the Judge is the resident expert on the law. As such, the Judge will, among other things, preside over the proceedings, rule on objections and motions, and, prior ...
  • 10-Sep-2010

    Witnesses - Dress For Success

    Studies show that people often reach their conclusion about a matter based solely on their first impression. Moreover, once a person reaches a conclusion it is extremely difficult to persuade them to change their mind. For these reasons, first ...
  • 30-Jul-2010

    The Importance of Jury Trial Experience

    Tom D'Amore has taken to verdict more than 400 criminal JURY trials. This figure includes approximately 109 drug crime JURY trials, 47 murder/capital murder Jury trials, and scores of driving while intoxicated JURY trials. In short, Tom is one of ...

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