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  • 23-May-2013

    Has Your Child Been Arrested in Dallas, TX?

    When an individual under the age of 18 commits a crime, it is called a juvenile crime. Some states vary on the age that someone becomes an adult but in Texas, 17 and younger is considered a juvenile. There is a minimum age limit as well; children ...
  • 27-Sep-2012

    Anti-Bullying Laws in Texas

    Every year, children commit suicide or fall into deep depression due to the bullying that they experience on a daily basis at school. Because of this, the Texas government issued a new ordinance which went into effect on September 1 st. Now, all ...
  • 13-Aug-2010

    Juvenile Statements

    Generally, there are certain rules a police officer should follow before interrogating a juvenile suspect who is the focus of a criminal investigation. Failure to follow those rules could result in the juvenile's statements to the police officer ...
  • 12-Aug-2010

    Juvenile Law

    In Texas, if you are younger than seventeen years of age and you are charged with a crime, then, generally, the case is handled in juvenile court. Juvenile law is different from adult criminal law in that it is a civil proceeding yet the criminal ...

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