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  • 10-Oct-2012

    Case Results: Felony Assault Charge Reduced to Misdemeanor

    The gap between a felony and a misdemeanor is massive, and the sentences that can come with these two different charges are stark opposites. In Texas, a felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge is defined under the statutes in the Texas ...
  • 2-Oct-2012

    Jealous Husband Punches High School Coach; Sentenced to 1 Year

    A man was recently sent to jail for one year after he punched a high school soccer coach in the head, causing him to fall onto the pavement. The tumble caused that coach to eventually die from a traumatic brain injury. Thankfully, the jurors in ...
  • 14-Nov-2010

    3.5 Tons of Marijuana Seized In Rio Grande Valley

    Ross Feinstein, a spokesman from Immigration and Customs Enforcement ("ICE") said that U.S. Government special agents seized 6,700 pounds of marijuana from a trailer in the Texas Rio Grande Valley. The marijuana was packaged in 500 bricks, which were ...
  • 12-Nov-2010

    Concurrent vs. Consecutive Sentences

    Difference Between Consecutive and Concurrent in Texas Concurrent sentences allow those convicted and sentenced of a crime to serve multiple sentences at the same time, while consecutive means they must serve the sentences one after another. ...
  • 8-Nov-2010

    Barton DWI Trial To Start Today

    John Patrick Barton, 30, of Louisville is set to stand trial this week for two (2) counts of murder and three (3) counts of intoxicated assault with a motor vehicle related to a car crash that killed Kandace Hull (age 33) and her daughter Autumn ...

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