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Recent Posts in Probation

  • 22-Apr-2015

    What is the Difference Between Probation, Parole, & Pardon?

    While terms like probation, parole, and pardon seem similar, the difference once explained are simple and clear. Probation is essentially something that gets a person who has been charged with a criminal offense out of serving actual prison time. ...
  • 29-Nov-2011

    Judge Resigns in Bribery Case After Getting Probation

    A state district judge will serve 10 years of probation and resign from the bench after being convicted of felony bribery last week. Judge Suzanne Wooten announced this agreement outside the jury's presence, acknowledging the jury's guilty ...
  • 9-Nov-2010

    Probation Revocation

    When a person gets probation, the judge frequently makes probation subject to certain conditions that the defendant must follow to remain on probation. Monthly reporting to a probation officer, completing drug or alcohol treatment and/or education ...

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