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Recent Posts in Prostitution

  • 12-Oct-2012

    Case Results: Felony Prostitution Reduced to Misdemeanor

    In the state of Texas, prostitution is illegal. According to the Texas Penal Code §43.02, any person who offers to engage in sexual conduct for a fee can be charged with prostitution. Also, anyone who solicits another person in a public place to ...
  • 17-Nov-2010

    Super Bowl People Trafficking and Prostitution

    Super Bowl XLV will be at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on February 6, 2011. The event promises to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl will also brings sex traffickers to the metroplex ...
  • 1-Oct-2010

    Prostitution Under Cover Stings

    Dallas and other Dallas-area police departments commonly conduct undercover sting operations to bust "Johns" and prostitutes for prostitution. ( Chick here to read our previous blog post that explains Texas Prostitution Law.) As with all television ...
  • 17-Aug-2010

    Prostitution - The Word 'Yes'

    Under Texas Law, the word "Yes" can get a person charged with and convicted of prostitution. In Texas, a person commits the offense of prostitution if he or she knowingly, offers or AGREES, or engages in sexual conduct for a fee. The word, "Agrees" ...

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