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Recent Posts in Sex Crimes

  • 18-Nov-2013

    Being Investigated by Police For a Sex Crime?

    If you are under the impression that you are being investigated by the police regarding a sex crime, it is important to understand what actions to take or not take so that your situation does not worsen. At D'Amore Law Firm, we realize that false ...
  • 27-Mar-2013

    Firm Success in Recent Sex Crimes Case

    Our firm recently handled a relatively complex case in which our client was facing three different cases of child pornography as well as a charge of sexual performance by a child. Originally, our client could have been facing extensive time in prison ...
  • 15-Feb-2013

    Charges Reduced in a Failure to Register Case

    In a recent case, a client came to our team at the D'Amore Law Firm after being charged with failure to register as a sex offender. Not only that, but they were charged as a habitual offender. The sex offender registry was created to allow people ...
  • 15-Aug-2012

    Old Man Confesses to Murder & Sex Crimes From 30 Years Ago

    Back in 1970, there was a string of killings in Portland Oregon. A 44 year old Marlene Clair Carlson was found dead those many years ago in her own apartment building and the cause of her death was strangulation. A 15 year old girl, Julie Marie ...
  • 30-Jul-2012

    North Texas Man Charged with Federal Child Porn

    It was only last Friday, July 26 th, that criminal reports were made public regarding a male resident of North Texas who was accused and formally charged with federal child pornography charges. M. Manske, a 48-year-old man residing in the state, has ...
  • 17-Nov-2010

    Super Bowl People Trafficking and Prostitution

    Super Bowl XLV will be at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on February 6, 2011. The event promises to generate millions of dollars in revenue for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl will also brings sex traffickers to the metroplex ...
  • 1-Oct-2010

    Prostitution Under Cover Stings

    Dallas and other Dallas-area police departments commonly conduct undercover sting operations to bust "Johns" and prostitutes for prostitution. ( Chick here to read our previous blog post that explains Texas Prostitution Law.) As with all television ...

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